Skinners Granite Grey

Skinners (Granite Grey)

Barefoot for your pocket! Skinners were designed to be a handy companion for all your sports and travels. They fit in the pocket so it's easy to have them around whenever and wherever you need!
Skinners Shoe Socks
€ 55.90
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Skinners Shoe Socks
Skinners Shoe Socks
Skinners Shoe Socks
Skinners Shoe Socks
Skinners Shoe Socks

The ultimate pocket footwear designed for all your adventures, travels and sports. Minimalist. High-tech. Anti-Odor. Durable. Awesome... Winner of RED DOT Design Award 2017.

Skinners are the revolutionary new type of footwear that offer the protection of shoes with the freedom of being barefoot. Made with antibacterial yarns, they feature a waterproof underside, mesh ventilation zones, and can easily be rolled up to fit anywhere.


Skinners 2.0

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