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Powerband Workout DVD

This exercise DVD is great for all fitness levels, whether you are just starting out or an avid fitness enthusiast. With over 30 exercise demonstrations, our exclusive Let’s Bands DVD for powerbands training is a great way to get toned and fit with a minimal investment in exercise equipment.
Powerband Workout DVD IrelandPowerband Workout DVD
€ 19.99

Our Let’s Bands exercise DVD houses and illustrates everything you need to build total body strength, improve your muscular endurance, and to work on your flexibility. You’ll also be shown warm-ups and other exercise practices that will guide you towards a toner and stronger body. These exercises are going to help you break through fitness plateaus to support a healthier and leaner body. The straightforward and simple Let’s Bands resistance training routines covered in this DVD will simultaneously increase your core strength and muscular endurance. Powerbands are one of the most convenient exercise tools on the market. You can use them anywhere; whether you’re at the office, the park, at home, traveling, and, of course, the gym. Now, it’s time to take your training to a whole new level!

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