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Powerband Max Red

Our powerbands MAX in red has a lighter resistance and is ideal for women and men who want to train with a little less tension. In addition to strength and interval training, you can also use our light Powerband MAX for shoulder, arm, and leg exercises. Recommended for beginners, advanced users, professionals, and/or combinational training. We also recommend to buy one oft he power sets , great deal and more variation.
Let's Band Powerband Max Red IrelandLet's Band Powerband Max Red
€ 17.99

The powerbands Max puts a complete fitness center in your bag and it’s the ideal supplement to our Powerset MAX. The variety of training options are so extensive that you can use the powerbands for stretching programs, intensive interval training, full-body strength training, core stability, and they are ideal for supporting pull-ups. All the while, your metabolism will get a serious boost as your body gets in tip-top shape.

We also recommend our Powerbands Set MAX as an ideal way to extend intensive full-body workouts, abs and lower body exercises, and for stability and balance training.


 Let's Band Strength in kilogram force

Strength Colour 100% 200% 300% 400% 500%
1 Red  8.50 12.50 18.00 22.50  32.00 
2 Black  13.00 20.00 28.00  29.00  50.50 

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