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Shamma Sandals and Skinners Sock Shoes from Barefoot IrelandEvery once in a while, a product comes along that changes the way we engage in fitness. It bucks tradition, and makes everyone think differently. Consider products like shaped skis, full suspension mountain bikes, or oversized tennis rackets. Sometimes this happens in footwear and a whole new category is created, like sport sandals, aerobic fitness trainers, or Vibram soled dress shoes so comfortable you could run a marathon. Originally, many of these products were considered a novelty, maybe even a gimmick, but eventually, they helped define a new standard of performance. And most important, they delivered a better experience for the user. Minimalist footwear might be considered such a product, a revolutionary footwear design that allows our anatomy to work naturally and move more freely.

Imagine footwear that can actually help make the foot healthier, which can strengthen muscles in the feet and lower legs, improve range of motion, and increase sensory reception important to balance and agility. Imagine footwear that might just make running safer and healthier, by encouraging a forefoot strike and a more natural running form that creates less impact on the knees, hips and lower back. That is what Shamma Sandals and Skinners Sock Shoes offer.

We are not saying that zero drop shoes are the only footwear you will ever need. There are times when we need the protection and security of a boot. Like all things in life, there is a balance, and here are Barefoot.ie we offer an alternative to traditional footwear. Wearing Skinners for fitness training, running, or just for fun, will make your feet stronger and healthier – naturally.

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